How to integrate your payment flutterwave payment gateway

Payment Gateways allows automatic/online funding of wallet for your users.

They include Flutterwave, Monnify and Paystack!

On this series you will be learning how to integrate flutterwave:


1. Active Vtupress Subscription/Plan and Plugin

2. An active flutterwave account. You can login or register here

Getting your flutterwave credentials (Public and Secret Key).

1. Upon login navigate to settings on the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

2. Navigate to API Keys > Copy your public and secret key:

3. Go to Vtupress > Vtu- Settings > Payment | then enter your copied Public and Secret key respectively:

4. Copy Your Webhook from your site to flutterwave webhook:

In this case the complete webhook url is []

Enter the copied webhook in flutterwave webhook url field.

5. Scroll down to choose flutterwave as your preferred payment gateway and SAVE:


That’s All!



DO Not Use Test Keys when you’re launching your website. make sure your api keys are live and make sure you save every changes you make.

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