Setting Users Upgrade levels

Before going into this, please take note that there is difference between discount and charge back bonus. #


In VTU Settings > MLM tab you will see — Discount Method: [Direct means discounted amount will be deducted on transaction and InDirect Means discounted amount will drop as charge back bonus — . I.e if you choose discount, then you are saying you want to give your users direct direct discount while purchasing a product or if you choose the Charge Back then your users will be paying the exact charge fee but will get a Bonus on their Bonus wallet in the statistics table displayed on their dashboard according to the percentage given.

e.g if a product is 100 and 10% is given to a user and the discount method is set to DISCOUNT . tThe user will be paying #90 (10% off #100) but if the discount method is set to Charge Back, the user will be paying #100 but #10 will be added to the user Bonus wallet which is the discounted price.




The Level Page can be found as a sub menu under vtupress menu #


Control Dashboard One #


The upper part of the user level control dashboard in blue background controls the accessibility and basic part of a level. There are some fields or control field introduced.

  1. CREATING A NEW LEVEL:  A space/field is in front of NEW LEVEL. Fill in a name on that level and click the CREATE button to create an upgrade level e.g API user or VIP user.
  2. SETTING OR CHANGING SETTING FOR A LEVEL: Infront of SELECT LEVEL, select the dropdown and choose a level you want to edit. Immediately you selects one, the loader shows and once the page is fully loaded, you will be on the control workspace of that level.
  3. SETTING UPGRADE AMOUNT: Infront of the UPGRADE AMOUNT, enter the upgrade amount you want to charge user to upgrade to that level.
  4. CHANGING LEVEL VISIBILITY STATUS: Setting this to Active makes the level visible on user dashboard to upgrade to. i.e setting the level status to inactive, the package will still be available but won’t be visible on user dashboard.
  5. ALLOWING TRANSFER or API ACCESS: This allows or disallows a user of the level to access Transferring Wallet Funds to another user or to have access to your website API or API documentation. i.e setting e.g TRANSFER to NO bans users of that level you are setting for from transferring funds.

Control Dashboard TWO: #


The lower part of is for setting discount prices in percentage (%) for users of the level you are setting for. NOTE, the values are calculated in percentage for you are to enter a percentage value such as 5 for 5%. Do not enter a price value e.g 300 as the plugin will calculate that value for 300%. Each services e.g MTN VTU, DATA SME e.t.c has fields for setting percentage values and are calculated against the selling/fixed prices of such product. i,e if that the GATEWAY page, you set MTN SME 1GB to #100 and on the level page you set MTN SME discount percentage to 10,  users of that level will be buying the MTN 1GB @ #90.


Control Dashboard THREE [MLM]: #

Adding or Deleting Referral Level Transaction Bonus or Upgrade Bonus. This implies the percentage you want to give a referral level when a user of that package/plan/level you are setting for makes a transaction or a user upgrades to that plan.


If bola referred nike to Upgrade to reseller, Bola will get the upgrade bonus (in percentage against the upgrade fee) once Nike upgrades to reseller as it is set. Likewise, bols will also get x% bonus from every transaction nike makes just as you have set.

Immediately you click the ADD REFERRAL LEVEL, a row will be displayed after the pages loads showing Level_n Transaction Bonus and Level_n Upgrade Bonus e.g Level_1 Transaction Bonus and level_1 Upgrade Bonus.

Now if a user upgrades to that package, the referral at level 1 which is the direct referrer of the USER gets the percentage value of Level_1 Upgrade Bonus. Also if the upgraded user makes a transaction, the referrer of that user gets the percentage value of Level_1 Transaction Bonus.

Clicking the Delete Last Referral Level deletes the last added referral level


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