Lifetime Licensing


This is a special notice to all our lifetime users or those planning to use the lifetime plan of the plugin.

As the name implies, it’s of lifetime with all features of the premium users.

Using the lifetime plan of the plugin grants you ability to pay no recurring payment i.e you won’t be charged to use any of the product/addon/plugin present at the time of purchase of the plugin.


As you can see on the feature./pricing page, there are some features which are tagged *coming soon*. Those features won’t be charged when it is included or become live.


We work over and over to get to our top plan of this plugin and your business. At any point in time we or other external developers may come up with any exortic feature which is outside the stated feature on the pricing page or outside our scope. For this type of addon/plugin. Lifetime Users will be charged a token for it as it wasn’t among the package stated at the point of purchase or list of expected packages when you get the lifetime plan.


Having the lifetime plan does not mean the plugin is disconnected from us. The only difference is that you don’t have to pay any other recurring charges to use what you purchased unlike other plans. Editing some part of the plugin is not allowed or not recommended. Read more below.

The Plugin is very dependent on the official website . some files, accessibility are hosting on and pulled from the site especially our bot(safe) which monitors the connection between our website to any site using the plugin. Tampering with some files or codes may disconnect the plugin from our site which will however render it useless or malfunction. This is very common among licensed / premium plugins.

No freaks, no personal data is transferred among them and we do not pass any code to your website. 100% safe.

Some scripted bot monitors user plan (personal, premium, lifetime) and switches accessibilities, while other perform their special tasks.

So be very careful when performing any edition on one file or other file. Mis-editing can be very fatal and the scripted bot are very sensitive to editions especially when you tryna disconnect it from its source or terminate some functions willingly.- To this the bot can run your plan to banned which makes so many functions or accessibilities go naught and useless.

Also, some addons may require some functions or variables to run. changing them can cause malfunctions.



Some files requires other files to run or perform some major task. deleting a file is very much not recommended. Risky!


This is a very strict section lifetime users need to take note of especially when you hire external developer(s) to work on it.

We however have made it easier to edit at some point on the code. Customizing the Template is very much allowed and easier for familiar devs (html, css, jquery/js).

However, becareful with variables e.g $total_amount. Changing that variable $total_amount to another variable name can cause mis function of the plugin at some point if another function() or value depend of that variable name to perform a task.


Changing the Styling (CSS), Basic Code(HTML), Script(Jq/Js) or using a different template entirely is very much allowed.. BUT working on the PHP code needs extra care, touch and look. Studying the whole script is very much recommended. WHY? Some functions, variable name and values(at some point) is dependent to another, changing this can cause a fatal error or breakdown of your site, the plugin or server.


Credits: Changing the plugin name or personal info on the plugin is not allowed at all.

Some functions: As a developer you should be able to know when some functions are meant to perform CORS task with vtupress. ending this task at any point will automatically cause some drastic damage on the plugin as the plugin itself has its in-built monitoring script to enhance security and terms compliance.


This plugin is highly copyrighted and in no way should you or hire a developer to null the plugin. This case, the plugin is not meant to run well on a local host. Live host is very much required.

Nulling is not palatable and tagged as a scripting crime.


Defaulting will cause terminating your account or connection with us permanently.

However, we are very free to discuss issues with.