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Vtupress has the greatest layer of security for your vtu business not only protecting you against hackers but also provides maximum protection against fraud with our super self hosted spyware monitoring activities carried on your website!

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Why Should You Use Vtupress?

01/ Grade A. Security

There is no how sweet your website look or you feel about it. Without maximum security as to what vtupress provide you are just living at the edge of a clif. We have had countless number of users who complain of usinf series of vtu scripts which doesn't work for them and the worse part is not all who claim they are developers are actually real developer. Majority are norm' reseller who needs your hard earned money! Imagine getting a vty solution and works well all to find your site get hacked and your funds vanishes + series of transactions carried on from behind

02/ Super Features

Even as we @ vtupress keeps striving to give you the best of its kind, Vtupress of 'cos is the topmost and single wordpress plugin that gives you a 360deg. complete vtu solutions that works on WORDPRESS!!! Imagine having series of businesses runnng on a single workspace i.e you can run ecommerce, logistics, blog, informational or consultation services and so on on your website and also include vtupress in it instead of getting different domain and script for different businesses. Having said that, there are series of features on vtupress! see below!

03/ Constant Free Updates

Have you used series of vtu scripts which you paid for and after few days/weeks/months another update came in and you are required to pay a charge of some percentage of the amount you got same script before or you are asked to pay another new fee to purchase the new update if not even more than the amount you got the initial one. VTUPRESS got you covered!!! Our Updates Are FREE 100% and all our users equally gets the update!

04/ Good Support

You might need to always contact your developer to get things work on your website. However, you dont always need a developer on vtupress as - #1 you can even build your website from scratch accessing tutorial videos out of hundreds of wordpress tutorial videos on youtube. #2 we also have our video guides as well. Aside that, we have our steady support for you!

05/ Easy And Fast Accessibility

Oh Yea!!!! Vtupress is one of the best vtu softwares that is very easy to use! Yea, it is super easy to operate and even any layman can actually browse through it with ease!!! One good part about it is that we have over 30 providers indexed on vtupress in which you cab switch providers at your own choice!!! Enough of those scripts which locks you to a provider and you need to use it alone disregarding whether you're convenient or not. You don't even need a developer to set that up for you at all! We have a better simple guide for you!

06/ Works On WordPress

One sweet thing is that vtupress works on wordpress and on wordpress alone! Which opens more opportunity to extend the scope of your business such as adding extra layers of security, add other use plugins which you might find needful and so on.

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Super Features

Sell Almost Everything

Supports Airtime, Data, Cable Payment, Bill Payment, Crypto, Gift Cards, E-Cards (All Network) Printing, E-Pins(Waec, Neco, Jamb), Bulk Sms , Convert Airtime To Cash, Convert Airtime To Wallet Funding and so on!!!

Automated Providers API Importer

Unlike other vtu scripts, vtupress provides an importer consisting various providers' api which can be imported on a single click. ALSO WORKS WITH TOP SIMHOSTING COMPANY i.e you can vend from your SIM

E-Wallet Based

E-wallet system integrated! Users fund once and buy until balance gets low! Supports more than one Payment Gateway


Add Multi-Level Marketing and referrer system plus benefits. Grant users point values and set pv Rules!!! Networks Boost Business!

Multi User Upgrade Level

Unlike most vtu scripts this plugin place no limit to the number of packages you can create and unlimited number of benefits you can include on each plan

Full Administrative Control

Unlike other vtu website where you control certain stuffs like prices. with vtupress you can control users, prices, discounts, levels and so many more without restrictions

Coupon Funding

Allow users to fund their wallet with generated codes which you provide

Your Own API

Use Vtu Wallet ForWoocommerce Checkout Allow users to start buying your products from their vtu wallet.

Woocommerce Integration

Use Vtu Wallet ForWoocommerce Checkout Allow users to start buying your products from their vtu wallet.


Know Your Customer Thus helps to keep your website safe and healthy from un-authorized transactions by placing limits to transactions.

In-Built Messaging System

Chat With Your Users Built in messaging system to connect you and your users


Stunning Users Templates Multiple users dashboard to Choose from.

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