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*_Short Description_*
Vtupress (Plugin) is a vtu plugin for wordpress. Well designed and powered by Akor Victor and his team member to give the best among all other vtu scripts.
Vtupress is very similar to vtu script. the only difference is that it operates only on *wordpress CMS (Content Management System)*. It can be integrated to other plugins such as *woocommerce* and others which makes it more superior to other vtu scripts out there… People love vtupress.

*_Bugs And Fixes_*
In the dev world, all COMPLEX ARCHITECTURES products can’t guarantee 100% bugs free but the speed of recovery makes the difference. Unlike Other Vtu Scripts Developer, Vtupress Stands Out to be the best of its kind as our developer is always at the desk, eye glued to the screen and ears opened to take and tackle bug reports! As of now, vtupress is confirmed 80% Bug free as we await reports if there is and then give ~~ 100% Bugs free on confirmation

*_Customer Care & Support_*
When it comes to support, our support team is 100% available and bold to tackle what’s uncalled for. We handle requests, logs, complaints and likes faster than ever. We improve daily.

*_Payment Model_*
Vtupress Offers the best model system as it compares the nation economy to maintain clients financial stability. Ranging from ₦1,000 Monthly!
We don’t charge for updates as other script devs does.