How to connect to a vendor

This is a vital section in setting up your vtu business via wordpress.

Unlike other vtu scripts where you manually integrate api’s or hire a developer to set that up, Vtupress has an importer which pulls api settings from a vendor site to automate the process of api setup.

You can choose from any one listed in the importer and if the api you requested isn’t listed, you can chat up our tech team Via [email protected] or whatsapp us on 07049626922.


1. You need to have a vendor you wanna connect with e.g Husmodata, Clubkonnect e.t.c

2. Your Access keys. It can be the api key(s), user login details e.t.c as required by vendor.

NOTE: Sites like,, e.t.c has an interface in common.

If the Vendor you are using looks similar to the interface below then it’s developed by same developer or its using same script as those listed above.

we will use Husmodata as an example:

1. Create a Husmodata account.

2. Navigate to Developers Api:


3. Copy Your API:

4. Navigate to vtupress > gateway:

5. Navigate To Importer:

6. Import for your preferred services:

e.g if you want to run Airtime – [Vtu] , Data – [SME and Corporate] and Cable Services Alone.

Just go to the VTU Airtime Importer section and import!

7. Now click the section to setup. e.g Set Airtime > VTU:

8. Scroll Down To Locate Header Authorization:

Enter the api key you copied as directed in steps 1 through 3 And SAVE:


Check  Your Dashboard via your_url/vpaccount:

e.g if your url is check

You’ll see that the red bordered box doesn’t have Buy Airtime, Buy Data, Buy Cable Buttons and Links and that’s because you haven’t allowed visibility. [let’s Make It Visible]

9. Go back To Step 7 where you accessed Set Airtime > Vtu and check the white box beside Set Airtime And Vtu:

Do The same for Set Data > SME , Set Data > Corporate, Set Cable

NOTE: Only Select/Check Those That Are Essential




HURRAY!: We Are Set To Go!



Now learn To Manage Your Business HERE! #




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