Managing User Account

Unlike the automatic or online means of user wallet funding. Admins can also fund user account from his/her end, You can also remove from user balance!

1. Go to vtupress > vtu settings > Users:


2. locate the user you wanna fund, Scroll Right To Find The Action Button in the user roll:

3. Now Click The Action Button To See The Pop Up At The Top:

4. Click Select to view dropdown:

5. Select [Add To ‘x’ Balance (where x is the username), Remove From ‘x’ Balance, Set ‘x’ Balance To], Enter Amount and Proceed:

Differences Between [Add To ‘x’ Balance] And [Set ‘x’ Balance To]: #

Add To ‘x’ Balance:

If x balance is #200, you’re saying a certain amount should be added to his/her initial balance.

if entered amount is #300, The final Balance would be #500

Set ‘x’ Balance To:

If x balance is #500, you’re saying the final balance should be the entered amount disregarding the previous balance.

If entered amount is #20, The final Balance would be #20!



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