How It Works

VTUPRESS is a plugin that works only on wordpress workspace which has been the best option for vtu website.

Vtupress does not work on its own buh is an aide to automate your vtu services.

Vtupress serves as an intermediate between your Sim Hosting Server or Vtu providers platform and your website to automate the process of vending.


1. WordPress Website hosted on any any panel such cpanel

2. Vtupress Plugin and an active vtupress account

3. Vtu Vendor e.g ibrolinks, husmodata, clubkonnect, bwsub e.t.c or a sim hosting (smeplug).

4. Payment Gateway [(Paystack, Monnify, Flutterwave(deprecated) )].

How Does The Automated Process Runs?:

Note: An active vtu account is very much needed to run things smoothly as vtupress plugin won’t work well without it. Create An Account Now


This is a vital or core aspect which is needed for vtupress to work well. The connection between vtupress and a vtu vendor is powered by the Application Programming Interface (API). After installing vtupress on your wordpress site and activated. All you need to do next is integrate your vtu providers to your website via vtupress plugin using the Importer Section on vtupress.


Your vendor account need to be funded so that vtupress can automate the process or buying selling


Using Paystack, Monnify, Flutterwave as your payment gateway aids automation of users vending via webhook.

Now when you fund your vendors wallet with e.g #1000 and a user funded his/her wallet via the payment gateway or you made a manual funding of e.g #600.

Let’s Assume you have setup your vendor integration on vtupress and set the price of 1gb to #300 while you get it for e.g #250

If the user wanna buy that 1Gb of Data, He would be paying #300 for it (as you specified) while the plugin automatically buys the 1Gb for your from your vendor for #250 and credit the recipient the 1Gb + deduct the #300 from the user wallet (#600) remaining (#300) on his/her account. This process takes less that a minute to complete!

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