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The Evolution
Here you learn about the evolution of the vtu business starting from USSD
VTU SCRIPTS — The Foundation Of VTU Websites
Let's talk on what vtu script really is and how it has been useful
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Lets Grow!
All About Vtu – The Journey through vtupreneurship – Vol.1
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One of the general issue of VTU Scripts is that they stop evolving after some time. The issue is as thus, whenever any product gains ground and becomes famous, the bad eggs starts their version, impersonates, or study the product for vulnerability. 70% of the scripts out there have been exploited and some hackers must have found some loop holes. When business A B C D uses same script and Agent A discovered how to rip Business A then B, C, D is not safe. There is however a need for constant update and security patches to retain and sustain the script.

This differentiates business that are after their belly and those that are really ready for business and grow with their product.


Some scripts are based on contract so they lack updates. Imagine me giving you the contract to built me a vtu script to sell. After the work is done, we lost contact or we have issues or some sort of reasons to cause a gap. Of cos I will keep on selling the product to gain some cash back even if the product became faulty!