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The Evolution
Here you learn about the evolution of the vtu business starting from USSD
VTU SCRIPTS — The Foundation Of VTU Websites
Let's talk on what vtu script really is and how it has been useful
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Lets Grow!
All About Vtu – The Journey through vtupreneurship – Vol.1
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It all began when network operators especially MTN introduced the USSD system to sell available airtime (this is different from your sims’ airtime) on your VTU wallet. I couldn’t remember the exact ussd code though but then, it went viral and I myself got some discounts / chargeback for each airtime sold for further sales.

I got 5-10% discount for each airtime sold depending on the network provider and for sure, I had some pretty sales which was awesome as at then.

Note: MOMO wasn’t that operative in Nigeria until May 16, 2022 when it gained famous when introduced as a Payment Service Bank (PSB).


Recharge4Me became well famous that some folks established some road sides stands with an umbrella + the VTU tag on their umbrellas. Yea of cos the VTU system became well known ( though so many people feared the airtime or data wouldn’t last as that of direct / manual loading of the scratch cards or paper card ).