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The Evolution
Here you learn about the evolution of the vtu business starting from USSD
VTU SCRIPTS — The Foundation Of VTU Websites
Let's talk on what vtu script really is and how it has been useful
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Lets Grow!
All About Vtu – The Journey through vtupreneurship – Vol.1
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It is needful to know where to focus on, and have major target in your business.

FROM THE IMAGE ABOVE: — { The photo above is taken from a vtupress user dashboard today (10/30/2023 – 8″57am) } —

DATA is the main oil well of vtu business! The margin is very clear. As the saying goes, – Data Is Life!

With the presence of Social Media, AI and so many digital products or invention which consumes data, VTU BUSINESS has actually been more lucrative!

The Rate at which people consumes data has just been too much and for sure, it is for your own good as a vtupreneur!

So many people are after Recharge Card Printing and Airtime the more and wouldn’t get any script without Recharge Card Printing where there are Key Players in the vtupreneur business who are actually after DATA. There are some who focuses just the DATA Business and build large networks for that business to generate more sales.

To be honest, other vtu services are actually active – good – needed by some resellers or customers but they pull a very low crowd compared to the OIL WELL – DATA SELLING BUSINESS!