Choosing a vtu platform

There are vtu-platforms you can choose but there are things to consider before using any with vtupress plugin.

It is however recommended to use a vtu platform that has API feature. Vtupress doesnt work with vtu platforms that doesnt have api as it communicates with your preferred vtu platform via API.

Clients Choice:

  1. PRICING: You might want to choose a vtu platform that has a good pricing system when it comes to data, airtime etc and their charges. We do not recommend or tag anyone best but there are few we have tested and confirmed from our top clients which includes ibrolinks, bwsub, vtpass, aimtoget, payscribe and so on
  2. SPEED: Majority of those vtu-platforms boast of instant vending and that has been tested among many.
  3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Some Vtu platforms have good pricing which goodd optimization but with a very bad support. we recommend you take this paramount when choosing your referred vtu service

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